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501stjsoc 10th Jan 2017

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The roster systems is really confusing, I have an email started with the devs but I would like to see a public view on this or this can be done some one can walk me though this. 

Milsim units like the one im starting would love to have a MILPAC system. MILPAC is a roster system that shows an active duty roster with positions in the organizations. 

Like featured above. and when you click a name. you see:

This a detailed service record of every thing the person has done with in the clan. 

This is a nice sleek plugin that would get alot of traffic since the Dev of MILPACS fell off the face of the earth and you cant get it any more. There are plenty of roster plugins but having an update to the current system, some how integrating this with the ranking system could be amazing!
[Admin]Arnulfo 12th Jan 2017

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Hello there,

We would gladly take note of this request.

Any other things you want to add?

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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