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Hugo 19th Dec 2014

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I think it would be a great thing to have a mobile app for ios and andriod users. This would allow users to be more active and also allow admins the ability to get notifications when someone sends a request to join the clan. So all-in-all. accessibility is the key. i recently started a page for my clan in destiny and have over 80 members in it but some chose not to use this site due to on pc use. Yes, you have a mobile site but it is not as accessible as a actually app would be. Start off with a simple interface for the program just to launch it. We already pay for the webpage for our clans so a free app would be perfect for us.   


Danteque 16th Jan 2018

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Please do this!

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michelepaul 16th Dec 2022

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Yes you can do this. Go for it. Thanks for sharing with us. https://www.prepaidgiftba ...
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