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NSMetroid 2nd Jun 2017

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We need to have the ability to create multiple variations of the same panel. This can allow us to make unique pages. rather than every page being the exact same, with one content block being different.

Essentially, this is imperative for communities like mine and many others that are a multi-gaming community. Since there is now variants of a lot of your panels, Everyone is getting Information Overload of all kinds of stuff they aren't even interested in and there is no unique customization that caters toward a certain group.

For instance, we can create multiple "Slideshow" Panels. But we cant make multiple panels of almost every other panel you have.

Options to choose which forum board or category it shows.
This way we can choose a certain forums on certain pages.

Here is a running list of your panels, and what features they need for your clients.

  1. Photo Gallery
  2. We need the option to choose which gallery it shows.This way we can choose a certain gallery of a game, and showcase it on a certain games page.
  3. Links
  4. We need the option to have multiple link panels.This way we can have Counter-Strike Links on a counter-strike page and Rocket League Links on a rocket league page. etc. etc.
  5. Events
  6. We need the option to have multiple event panels.If we tag events that sort them, then we should be able to control which events are shown on a specific page. Counter-Strike Events and Rocket League Events.
  7. Twitter/Facebook/Youtube
  8. Give us the ability to show a feed/page of any twitter/facebook/Youtube page. not just the one we have connected to our account. (and of course multiple ones)
  10. Multiple comments please.
  11. Blog Posts
  12. Multiple Blog Posts please.
  13. Ranks/Roster
  14. Allow us to showcase which ranks we want to showcase! This is ridiculous!Almost every community is going to have multiple ranks. Why would you guys only allow us to showcase only 1 rank and only ALL the rosters?I want to be able to have all CSGO Ranks & Roster on my csgo page and all of my Rocket League Ranks & Roster on my Rocket League page.
  15. Tournaments
  16. Again.. Multiple please.


Basically, the list goes on to almost every panel you offer. Same infuriating problem. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE highlander.

Here is your solution

Instead of having a terrible UI of panels, that have no sense of organization and are in different locations every time so you're forced to search. Have a tree. Instead of having an ADD button that goes straight to the panel layout then saved (which drives me crazy) allow us to customize it first before adding.


1. Go to my Counter-Strike page
2. Click Edit Panels
3. Choose Rank panel
options appear...
4. Choose what ranks to showcase.
5. Save Panel As... (Counter-Strike Ranks)
6. Add Panel

1. Go to my Rocket League page
2. Click Edit Panels
3. Choose Rank panel
options appear...
4. Choose what ranks to showcase.
5. Save Panel As... (Rocket League Ranks)
6. Add Panel

Because of this, I can't showcase my ranks on the divisions I have. I'm forced to only have the ranks show on one game. Here are screenshots to show what needs to be achieved.

Ranks are shown on the left column.

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[Admin]Arnulfo 8th Jun 2017

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Hello there,

Thank you for the Feature Request.

We have noted this down and will add it on the Feature Voting List.

If you have more ideas on mind, please do share it with us.

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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