How to insert gif for the rank names
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NGN Andrizzle 17th Apr 2016

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So i have seen this on other websites. On my website at and then go to forums to view my iclan website, there are ranks that show up in front of the usernames. I want those ranks to be able to have a gif added. Like for example, one of the ranks is "owner". I would like "owner" to be a gif animation that is flashing or something. Is this possible. I know how to do html if needed, just need to know where to insert it at. 
Arnulfo 18th Apr 2016

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You can go to either Admin Panel > Menu > Edit HTML/CSS and edit the codes for it and design your own.

However, we cannot guarantee enough support on how to do this because our support is not allowed to answer any Coding-related questions because we expect our customers should know how to do this already.

We hope you understand but that's actually the way on editing it.

Thank you again.

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

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