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CLOUD 13th Jul 2017

Joined: 10th Jan 2014
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Good Evening! 

I cannot figure out this theme editor. everytime i change a background color, it doesnt do anything, if i try to change the background, it only changes peices of the background, im just rather confused on how it works, if anyone can help me out id like to hear from you!

Arnulfo 18th Jul 2017

Joined: 21st Sep 2015
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Hello there,

I can assist you with this, first of all, have you watch the video tutorial for the Theme Builder?

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

Customer Care

UKKorby 29th Jul 2017

Joined: 28th Feb 2014
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When I used to change my website background I quickly found out that I had to play about with the order by which I entered my image links. Works like layers.
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