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DefiantDucky 28th Mar 2019

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The Libertas Legion is an international gaming community, growing on multiple games and operating under the join in and play mentality has paid off! With new games and upcoming titles we have amassed a fairly active and social community. Our presence on some games such as SCUM, ARMA, GTA Online and many more have created constant action and PVP situations. In the LSLN, we are looking for players new or old, men or ma'am to join our community, we are for those who can stomach free speech, strong humor and a variety of members, games and events on going. We are not for everyone so for those looking to join, it is beneficial for your experience to be looking to be part of a strong social team as we don't hold hands or babysit, join in and have fun or don't and be disappointed. If this sounds like a beautiful paradise for you, feel free to check out or site and trailer below and pick up your membership today!

- 18+
- Be able to take jokes & freedom of speech
- Have access to Discord and a microphone
- Steam Account

- Q Can I join just to play one game?
- A Yes. But we encourage multigaming for the best experience.
- Q I've been to similar clans, so what makes you guys different?
- A Our community is made up of a variety of gamers and operate under our 'cuntstitution' which is how we can maintain freedom with no one guy or mods/admins taking charge of everything. Players are encouraged to hop on and kick start their own activities/sessions or join into those already ongoing outside of official community events.
- Q Do i need to be a skilled gamer to join?
- A No. We are all equally worthless.
- Q Is the LSLN a gender specific community?
- A No. We have both male, female, and Apache members.

For more info or to join, come check us out at:
[Click me!]
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