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    Soloist_Haven is a Guild of friends that have met on multiple different Games that have pulled together
to have fun together & assist each other in whatever Game we may play. We use  DISCORD as our Voice
Server & we use  iClan Site as our Guild Website.
    We are currently looking for more Recruits for when  BLESS ONLINE releases in May 2018! To apply to
join us, we do Recruit Ages 18+ (and any lower are case-by-case basis) since we are a Mature Guild. We
have played multiple Games in the past & we leave Gaming Information on our Guild Forums (even Single
Player Game Info) for others that have or pick up a Game other than what we are currently playing. Our
Site is always used as a Game Information Hub for our people. So if you were to join, feel free to use &
add any Game Information you wish. (I free up Bookmarks this way for myself!)
    Once Bless Online releases, we are planning to play under the UNION Faction on the NA Servers.
Any questions regarding Bless Online (or Soloist_Haven) can easily be asked in Discord. Hope you enjoy
the look at our Guild Site & look into joining us. Thanks for taking the time to read our post here.

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