2/5 - My Humble iClan Websites Review.
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I've been using iClan Websites Premium+ Plan for about 5 months now. Here is my review to anyone interested in starting a website with them.

- Easy to use content management system.
- Ranking systems
- Great for Member Management
- BBCode & HTML compatible.

- Limited access to your site
- Ridiculous price plans.
- Broken BBCode
- No back-end access
- Poor / Non-Existent customer support
Proof of poor customer support. All my posts that have yet been replied to.
http://community.iclanweb ... -scheme-dropdown-nis
http://community.iclanweb ... le-panel-options-tlu
http://community.iclanweb ... y-time-sensitive-krb

It's so poor, that I've even taken it upon myself to help others. Because I know they wont be helped.
http://community.iclanweb ... ic/theme-request-1at
http://community.iclanweb ... r-and-file-space-g8x
http://community.iclanweb ... isting-on-roster-vn3

- Limited Panel options
- No Steam Integration
- Limited integration all-round
- Cross-over functionality between iClan communities causes unwanted information from other communities to end up on yours.
- Limited themes
- Limited layouts
- Broken page layouts that we have no control over (Tournaments & Gallery pages)
- Very limited customization all-round.
- Tournament Match Reports aren't automated and must be manually entered in.

Updating Content
Setting up Forums
Creating Ranks
Adjusting Site Layout & Panels
Starting Tournaments & Events

Modifying Theme
Creating Custom Panels
Creating Unique Pages

Creating Leaderboard Metrics
Creating a unique theme from scratch

  iClan Websites is great for starting up a website if you're not experienced in creating webpages, or if you have multiple users that will be updating the content for your site. The member management within iClan makes organizations with large amounts of members fairly easy. It's also great if you're needing a website up quickly. However, There are many issues that live within the customer support that makes being an iClan customer not very pleasant.

    Starting a website with iClan is fairly easy. You log on, create an account, pick a URL and it's up. You can then play around and learn the CMS (Content Management System) they use and start adding content to your site. Most people with basic computer knowledge can have a site up and running withing a couple hours. Some can even get a site up in less than an hour.
  Maintaining a website with iClan is a different story. Their customer support is non existent and you will find that when problems occur, they will remain a problem for weeks. Any coding problems will be unresolved, and the "solutions" they provide aren't solutions, but instead are either alternative possibilities or not providing you with what you need because it will break their privatized site coding. When there are things you would like to add to your site like bots or automations that require any type of API/JSON etc. etc. they will NOT provide you the access for your code, therefore leaving you hopeless in obtaining the site you desire. Advanced users should stay away from iClan at all costs. I made the mistake of investing too much time with my site before realizing the limitations have put me at a complete halt in making any progression or advancements with my site, and I hate my site.
   Price plans are a joke but are a must unfortunately to create the site you need. Lets take a look at what they offer in plans.

Basic (free)
Free Themes
Shopping & Donations
8 Panels / Page
8 Custom Pages
8 Ranks
1 Recruitment Form
Premium Features Restricted
All Other Features
Free is good. But you will need more than 1 recruitment form.Recruitment forms are essentially the only Automation iClan offers to help you organize your members.

Premium - $5.82 / mo
No Ads
5 GB File Hosting
Announcement Popups
Custom HTML & CSS
Match Reports
Priority Support
Download Center
15 Panels / Page
15 Custom Pages
15 Ranks
15 Automations
15 Recruitment Forms
This is the only plan I would recommend to anyone. Anything higher is an absolute waste of money unless there is a feature that is a necessity. Six bucks is worth getting rid of ads, and having custom HTML & CSS alone. 15 Automations & Recruitment Forms are nice to have as well.
Summary - $5 for no ads, Custom HTML/CSS & 15 content blocks

Premium+ - $14.15 / mo
All Premium Features
25 GB File Hosting
All Premium Themes
Tournament Manager
Infraction System
Multi-theme Pages
Brand Control
Footer Customization
Unlimited Panels / Page
Unlimited Custom Pages
Unlimited Ranks
Unlimited Automations
Unlimited Recruitment Forms
League Stats
HD Video
This is a complete waste of money. This is essentially what you're paying for with this plan..
- Premium Themes -That you will never use and if you do will be modified anyways
- Tournament Manager - That is absolutely terrible and has no customization at all. I'm forced to use www.challonge.com
- Infraction system - that is terrible because all the information for each member has to be manually put in every time.
- Multi-Theme Pages - This is literally the only reason I'm coughing up almost $7 more dollars. It's stupid
- Brand Control & Footer Customization - This should be a part of the "No ads" and should be on Premium rather than Premium+. If people are wanting to remove ads, they should be able to remove yours as well.
Unlimited Content Blocks - This is great. but not $14 bucks great.
League Stats - Again... All information has to be manually put in by each member. So it's a nightmare to even consider using.

Summary - Your spending $7 more than premium to get rid of iClan branding and have pages with different themes. Everything else you wont use.

Elite - $33.32 / mo
All Premium+ Features
50 GB File Hosting
Featured Listing
Voice Slot Discount
50 Slot Voice
Summary - Your spending $26 more than premium to be listed on their page for people to see, and a voice service no-one needs because of Discord.A complete joke.

Review Summary
Until they change their price system, and actually start paying attention to their customers cries for help, Go somewhere else before you invest too much time like I did.

My iclan site http://www.teamabstrakt.c ... om
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