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HawkEye 7th May 2014

Joined: 23rd Apr 2014
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I apologize for not leaving a feedback sooner, I invested most of my time using iClanWebsites, it got me busy, meaning I'm definitely in love with it. To be genuinely honest, when I first registered for iClanWebsites, it was a downer for me because I had many issues with my premium account, but the Support team was there to save the day.

I play Shadowgun Deadzone on mobile app and PC for a long while, so then I decided to create a website for clans in general. I Google websites for clans, then Google provide me iClanWebsites. I saw the video clip & I was really impress with all the features iClanWebsites have to offer, so I went for it, decided to register as a premium member. Skim through my website and was satisfied. The concept of my website was to register every clans playing SGDZ and start hosting tournaments as our main events, and that is what iClan have provided. We can actually do more than that with the various features, which I think is f'n awesome. If you check my website out, shadowgunclanzone.net, I have many happy members, and as an owner, that stuff makes me happy as well.

When my premium membership ended, I decided to look for another gaming website to see if I can do better, so I found Enjin. Became a premium member as well. I set up my board and use the same domain & got people register again. I received to many complaints on a daily, they had some features that were awesome but, it didn't feel like that website was any better, I felt like it was a downfall for me. So I came back here to iClan. There are some bugs that my website is going through but I'm sure Support team is working on it, I just can't wait for the next update. Maybe then my website won't have any problems at all.

So I want to thank you, iClan team, for creating this gaming website. I'm genuinely happy for this.

Sorry for my grammar, english is not my core language. I tried.

Dawn 8th May 2014

Joined: 16th Feb 2014
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Thank you very much for your feedback! We truly appreciate it.

I believe the users of iClan Websites all have a contribution on how great this system is. You've got so much awesome ideas and suggestions too!

We are pleased to know that you are a satisfied customer! Thank you again for your kind words!
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