Been with iclan for about 6 months now
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shorin_ryu 13th Feb 2015

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We are a bunch of gamers ( of course ) and our clan created a website using iclan. At first we were unsure and thought we will give it a trial period and if wasn't satisfactory would try elsewhere. None of us had ever built a web site before and were total novices at it. The staff at iclan were always available, helping us repeatedly at the start to get our site up and running. It now looks and functions awesome ! We made mistakes and errors setting some stuff up, renewing voice server etc., and even when it was our error the staff at iclan cheerfully helped us and made our site work as we wanted it. Looking back now, it is so simple to use iclan web sites to customize a clan site, and laugh at our start. I am very impressed with the ease of use, the great customer service and support. I highly recommend using iclanwebsites, loaded with features at a reasonable price, ease of use, great service- what more could a person ask for? We plan on being long time customers with iclan. Thank you iclan for everything !!!!!!!!
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JamesAdmin 13th Feb 2015

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Thanks for the testimonial! I'm glad things are going smoothly. Please let us know if you have any further questions or need any changes made and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

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