fake clan.
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Emix 12th May 2017

Joined: 4th Mar 2016
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hi everyone i would like to point out there is a fake clan called vision7gaming the leader of the clan is a scammer and does fraud. 

do not trust this website or the person that owns it

i have told the members over and over again that the leader is not to be trusted and i know the leader personally.
Arnulfo 17th May 2017

Joined: 21st Sep 2015
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Thank you for reporting this to us.

Is there anything else?

Thank you again for using iClanWebsites!

Customer Care

JoKeR 29th Aug 2017

Joined: 4th Mar 2016
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I am the founder of Vision 7 Gaming, i would like to join out that ImEmix is my real life brother and this is what type of person he turns into when we fall out.

i am not a scammer or fraudster..if you would like paypal document of my communitys outcome and income this can be provided. everything paid on the site is from myself or donations from the community.

King Regards

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