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xox Shane 22nd Dec 2014

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I have been running websites with i clans for years in that time i have had lots of new people start websites from us and are all using IClans  LoST (http://www.lost-clan.com ) was the first clan i help build up as a uk side we gave idea and suggestion me and a couple of spoke with james on the phone about awards systems and stuff like that i have come back on last night after taking a year off and the prices have gone so high we have allways been on Premium+ since that is the best one for what we use.i cant understand why it has gone up so much i work but still 100 pound a year i think is way too much. the website layout is amazing so easy to use and they are very quick at helping i have never had any problems with i clans till i come on last night i have message a couple of people just waiting on a reply Thanks  

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JamesAdmin 22nd Dec 2014

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Hi Shane.

Thanks for the kind words.

We don't increase prices for old customers. If you did cancel your plan, just open a ticket and we can custom invoice you the same previous price.
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