Mixed views, but iClan is good!
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PbThunder 9th Dec 2014

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I have a very positive experience with iClan, one thing which stands out most is the support available. The support team within iClan is always polite and are swift in their help. Simple issues are seen to in a matter of days and complex issues can take upto a week, which is understandable and in my opinion is satisfactory. I am a premium member and I think the price for the premium plan is very competitive, considering all the support and help iClan offer. The fact that voice servers can be setup and managed via iClan is also very good, however the customisability of the voice servers is limiting in terms of plugins. I think the paid themes are overpriced, I think a reasonable price would be £3 a year to use the theme. Finally I think that the feature requests are too slow, not enough requests are actually implemented and if they are they it takes too long.


  • Very good service
  • Competitive premium price
  • Very good for inexperienced users - simple to use
  • Outstanding customer service

  • Overpriced themes
  • Feature requests never seem to be added
  • Voice server limitations

Overall: Very good, some downsides which are minor.
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Evie 9th Dec 2014

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Hello TPB Thunder,

Thank you for your feedback
JamesAdmin 10th Dec 2014

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Thanks for the review. I recently hired 2 extra developers to ramp up our development cycle, hopefully we'll be able to push out updates every 2 weeks. Unfortunately, themes are very expensive for us. It takes a lot of time to design themes, so we can't really go cheaper, otherwise we'll have to use cheap designers and so the quality will start to lack, then you'll probably complain that the themes are terrible!

I'm happy about your comments about support. We did have instant chat support but not many people really used it, so we scrapped it.

If you have any further comments, please let us know
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