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Zero Sk0pe 13th Dec 2019

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After about a week of planning, and several days of development, I was on my way to creating a custom solution for my gaming clan's needs. As time went on I realized that while I may be fully capable of completing the task before me, the amount of time it would take me to develop this web application from end to end was slightly more than desired.. So I decided to put a pin in that and do some research. I came across several solutions that boasted various useful features, but none quite fit my needs and goals.

Then I came across IClanWebsites. At first I was hesitant, I read through the various pages, checked reviews, even put in a ticket with a few questions I couldn't find the answer to. I was met with a timely and accurate response from the support team and I wasnt a paying customer, let alone a user yet (Thank you Arnulfo!). That was huge to me. So I set up a free account and messed around with various settings, and had a couple of clan members look at it to see if they agreed. Today we pulled the trigger and signed up for Premium+.

My experience has been good through this entire process. I was extremely pleased at how easy it was to point the domain we owned through godaddy to our new home. I've also enjoyed looking at the templates that are out there, and may even try my hand at a custom template of my own or from the many template requests I saw out there on this forum.

Thanks again,

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