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Blindleader 20th Jul 2014

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I lead a rather large and raucous group of prior servicemen and servicewomen who love gaming together. At our monthly clan meeting three days ago we discussed the dated website we had been using for almost 6 years, and how it lacked features, integration and how it was turning away potential recruits. I asked my members if they wanted a new site, then lets put our money where out mouth is and fund it, then I'll build one.

30 minutes later the community had gathered the funds for an elite level annual service plan, and the adventure began.

In just two days I was able to build a clan website from scratch that had all the features and function we could ever want in a modern clan site. The theme builder let me take bits and pieces from various themes to personalize our web presence, and the membership could not be more impressed. The site now boasts a modern look inline with today's players expectations so we are already attracting new members.

From an administrator's perspective, the integrated ranking and permissions systems have simplified my life! I went form spending hours handling admin duties to a few simple clicks and a new member is set up and ready to participate! The IM function has improved our communities interaction and activity levels already.

3AC is proud of our new home, and very pleased with the simplicity iClan has built into their website tools. Excellent service and the few questions I did have were handled via the support ticket system promptly and professionally. iClan has earned a customer for life in 3AC.

Well done iClan!

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JamesAdmin 20th Jul 2014

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I'm happy everything is going awesome. Thanks for the testimonial
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