New Update: Tournaments, rank purchases, chat room
4th Sep 2013 · JamesAdmin · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

I'm super excited once again to be releasing another awesome update. These new features are now available for you to use.

Tournament Bracket System

It's finally here! The tournament system allows you to host your own single and double elimination tournaments. Features include sign up sheet, full moderation controls and sign up fees, payments processed by PayPal. See the video!

Subscriptions and Rank Purchases

An awesome new feature that lets you sell rank upgrades to your members. If you want your members to pay for access to parts of your site then this is a fully automated way to charge and upgrade your member accounts. Recurring payments have been integrated too!

Group Chat Rooms

Talk instantly with multiple members at the same time. Create as many chat rooms as you like and restrict access to each member using rank controls.

More Cool Features...

  • Improved private messaging - send a message to all members with a certain rank
  • Rank font customization
  • Customizable footer
  • Export click log in CSV format for your own analysis
  • Set the events page as your homepage

Happy gaming!

Over 20 new features & 10 new themes!
24th Jul 2013 · JamesAdmin · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

"iClan Websites has jumped forwards in strides... they are excellent at what they do" 


Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce yet another important update bringing you over 20 new features & improvements plus 10 new themes!

Activity Popups

Stay up to date with activity popups! When another member performs any action such as posting or logging in, all other members are notified with a tiny popup allowing you to like or comment their post.

What-you-see-is-what-you-get text editor!

No more BB code needed to make posts! The new text editor allows you and your members to format your posts more easily, changes are updated straight away.

Member Map!

The new member map shows where your members are located around the world.

Download Center!

The new download center simplifies sharing files with your members. Restrict access to your files with passwords and ranks.

Resizable Instant Chat Box!

The chat box is now resizable giving you customization for different screen sizes.

More features included in this update:

  • Ventrilo voice servers: low latency, high quality voice servers in US, EU and Australia
  • Member likes: the number of likes a member has is counted and displayed
  • Multiple member ranks: admins can now assign multiple ranks to members
  • Anti-spam filter: newly registered members will have their messages checked for spam
  • Newsletter formatting: basic text formatting and ability to insert images into newsletters
  • Newsletter click counting: count the number of clicks made from newsletters and click through rate
  • User tagging: tag users in your posts
  • Formatting enabled for slideshow captions
  • Donation page has been added
  • Email notifications to admins for new applications and registration approvals
  • Application page can optionally be added to the member registration page
  • Option to hide member country flags has been added
  • Sub-forum force: force all posts in forums to be posted in sub-forums only
  • Links to sub-forums are now shown on the forum index page
  • Pre-pay for additional slot upgrades, now with up to 15% discount
  • Option to set the default topic subscription when creating a new topic
  • View last post link has been added to forums
  • Most liked member panel: displays a list of the most liked members
  • Newest member panel: now displays a longer list of newly registered members

10 New Themes!

Over 10 new themes have been recently added with many, many more in the pipeline:

  • League of Legends
  • Battlefield 4
  • Call of duty: Ghosts
  • Rift
  • Dota 2
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Minecraft
  • Tera

See all the new themes at

Thank you everyone for your continued feedback!

TS Viewer, events + mobile site redesign + more!
30th Jun 2013 · JamesAdmin · 2 Comments · Likes · Like

Dear All,

Another update was pushed out to all sites today! Here are the headline features/improvements:

Slideshow Panel!

A really cool slideshow panel feature has been added with nice transition effects. This slideshow uses the very popular Nivo slider.

TeamSpeak 3 Status Panel

We've teamed up with our friends at and integrated the TS3 monitoring service. Easily add your TeamSpeak 3 status panel to your site which displays information such as users online and a list of your channels.

Events Page Redesign!

A much needed events page redesign has been pushed out. Snazzy!

Improved Mobile Websites!

Mobile websites have had a nice improvement - mobile sites automatically follow your website theme. Just visit your website on your mobile device!

Premium Themes!

We're selling super high quality themes, designed by graphics professionals with many years experience. These themes are for those who want something more professional and unique! Unlock each theme for $14.95 or upgrade to Premium++ to unlock them all. Many thanks to all of you have purchased one already!

In addition, the following smaller improvements have been made:

• Moderators can edit posts without having the 'last edit by' message.
• Members who you block in the instant chat also get blocked in private messages.
• An option to disable birthdays in the events calendar has been added.
• When you hover over a member link, a popup will show more details about that member.
• The ability to change your subdomain has been added, e.g =>
• Event rank permissions have been added.
• Event emails have been added. You will be sent an email reminder a little while before an event starts.

Thank you everyone for your continued feedback!

Make a clan website: http://www.iclanwebsites. ... com
Make a guild website: http://www.iguildwebsites ... .com
Make a Minecraft website: http://www.minecraftwebsi ...

Over 21 New Features!
9th Jun 2013 · JamesAdmin · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Shopping + payments with PayPal

PayPal web payments standard have been integrated into all websites - allowing you to sell anything you like and easily accept payments securely over the internet! This allows you to turn your website into an e-commerce store.

Pop-up announcements

The announcement feature has had a huge overhaul. Announcements now pop-up to the user, but are based on certain triggers such as:• Day of the week
• Number of clicks
• Ranks
• Guests
• Page address
This allows you to create different announcements for different visitors.

Maintenance Mode

A maintenance mode has been added. If you want to work on your site without anyone being logged in, just turn maintenance mode on and only admins will be able to login.

Events reserve list + end date

Events have had an improvement. Now you can set a maximum number of attendees to an event, if more people sign up then they will be added to the reserve list. Moderators can remove attendees. Also, you can now specify an end date for events.


Sub-forums have finally been added. When creating a new board for your forum, you have the option to set it as a sub-forum of another forum.

Twitch Streams Integration

To add your Twitch stream, enter the URL to your Twitch profile inside the BB code tags.

News Permissions & Post Subscribing

When you write a news post you now have the option of sending a notification to all your members, or just a select few. Also news posts can now be restricted to your members based on rank.

In addition to these new features, the following smaller features have been added:
• Chat box now used websockets, so messages appear instantly.
• The affiliate program has been moved into the Admin Panel
• An option to disable smileys has been added
• You can now customize the instant chat in the theme builder.
• Anonymous donations has been added.
• Restrictions on private messaging, based on ranks.
• Custom CSS & Javascript inputs have been added, your code will appear on every page.
• Smarter login - you now get redirected to the previous page after logging in if it is possible.
• Live preview has been added when creating new posts (only in advanced mode)
• An extra field has been added to search the click log, based on URL
• Moderators can now moderate forum polls. They can remove users who've voted and also change the question and answers.
• Russian language has been added.

Thanks for all your excellent feedback and keep it coming!

Instant chat messaging, site wide!
20th May 2013 · JamesAdmin · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Websites have been updated with a new instant chat messaging widget that sits nicely in the corner of your screen. Just click the button to start chatting with your friends! You can talk to multiple friends at the same time and if they go offline, messages will pop up for when they come back online. You can also leave messages to friends who you've recently talked to.

Please post your feedback. Thanks!

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