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4 days ago TKT PARA created a new topic COD Modern Warfare Hardcore League
Hello TROG's, with the new game coming soon I am hoping that your clan will be e...
3 days ago TKT PARA befriended Bandit
3 days ago TKT PARA received the award Welcome to our site

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4 days ago TKT PARA just joined the community Totally Ruthless Old Gits
5th Oct TKT PARA befriended Jim55
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25th Sep TKT PARA created a new topic New Theme Request
Would anybody be able to do a Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 theme for iclans?...
2nd Sep TKT PARA
Well done to Jim The Old on his new rank of Templar Marshall and also gives him moderator status on the forums, thank you for all your hard work within the clan. 
27th Aug TKT PARA befriended PureKaos

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